How to Start

How Custom Label Skin Care With CLS Works:

  1. Selecting Your Formulas: 

Choosing the right formulas is a pivotal decision for your brand, one that directly addresses your customers' unique needs. Our team of skincare experts is dedicated to simplifying this process for you. They possess an extensive understanding of the skincare industry and will collaborate closely with you to identify your target audience. They can guide you in selecting formula(s) from our wide range of options and provide product samples for those you're interested in.


    2. Packaging Selection: 

Our CLS team remains at the forefront of the packaging industry, continually striving to offer the most exceptional selection of packaging solutions to meet your needs. We currently provide a variety of packaging styles, and we're tirelessly working to expand our range further. You'll have access to every packaging style in the cosmetics market, be it glass, plastic, tubes, pumps, or any other product that aligns with your brand vision.

  2. Custom Label Design

Our accomplished design team excels at collaborating directly with you to create captivating labels that bring a personal touch to your packaging, ultimately driving sales. We place great emphasis on branding and include this service because we want you to be genuinely enthusiastic and proud of your new product line.

     4. Production Process:

This is where all the collective effort culminates to deliver top-tier private label products. Our New USA-based company is fully equipped to maintain the highest quality standards. The quality assurance process is an ongoing commitment, ensuring that every element of the product aligns precisely with your specifications. Throughout this phase, our team constantly verifies that the formula, bottles, and artwork meet both your stringent standards and ours

    5. Delivery of Your New Product! 

Your freshly crafted product line will be meticulously packaged and shipped to your location, including international shipping options.

We approach every product that passes through our production line as if it bore our own name, ensuring that your customers receive personal care products that consistently live up to the reputation of your brand's renowned quality