About Us

Who We Are

Greetings, I am Sam, the founder of SamsSoulutions.com. My passion lies in crafting organic, plant-based skin and beauty care products. Drawing inspiration from my own personal journey as an adolescent in a small English hamlet, I have dedicated myself to helping individuals make informed choices about personal care by harnessing the power of plants.

Having achieved great success with my international plant-based skin and beauty care company, I am now offering a wholesale component to assist you in creating your own line of plant-based skin and beauty care products. Our specialty lies in providing innovative businesses like yours with unique formulas that showcase and promote your brand. What sets us apart from our competitors is our commitment to working in small batch quantities, custom blended to your specific requirements. All our products are proudly made in the USA, ensuring superior quality compared to mass-produced alternatives from China. We take pride in sourcing ingredients from local farmers, offering a genuine farm-to-face experience.


Our unwavering focus on ingredient quality, packaging, and effective marketing strategies ensures the success of your custom label beauty care product line. Whether you operate a day spa, Airbnb property, boutique hotel, organic marketplace, country club, or sports association, we are thrilled to collaborate with you in creating something truly exceptional.